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Welcome To Gimp Masks UK!

At Gimp Masks UK, we have a range of different masks or bondage hoods for both beginner and experienced bondage fans. Whether you are choosing a mask for yourself or looking for a new present for your obedient sub, you are sure to find the perfect mask.

New here?

Gimp masks are full-face coverings that are worn during BDSM and bondage sessions. They are usually very tight-fitting, creating an intense experience for the wearer. Gimp masks make it difficult to see and hear and this sensory deprivation adds to the feeling of helplessness for the sub making them even more reliant on their dom.

What does Wearing a Gimp Mask Feel Like?

All BDSM lovers know that the key to creating the perfect dom-sub relationship is to really lose yourself in the role. There are so many kinky toys and outfits that can be used to assert dominance or to prove submissiveness, but few are so effective at forcing a person into total anonymous obedience and sexual servitude than a gimp mask.

Because gimp masks and hoods completely conceal the wearer’s identity, they help to turn the wearer into an object purely for sex, always at the beck and call of their master or mistress. 

With our range of high-quality gimp masks, the wearer has no face or name, no will of their own, and no desires other than to please their dom. The anonymity that a gimp mask provides, not only makes it easier for the wearer to lose themselves in their submissive role, but it also helps their dom to objectify them, to look at them as their slave and treat them accordingly. 

How to Choose the Right Gimp Mask

Our gimp masks and hoods come in different designs and materials and cause varying levels of sensory deprivation. Gimp masks are hot, sweaty and unforgiving and it can be fun experimenting with different masks during your roleplay.

Some of our gimp masks have eye holes while others will leave the wearer totally in the dark, heightening the sensation of every touch. Most masks totally cover the ears so nothing can be heard except a dom’s commands or rebukes. 

We have gimp masks with only tiny nostril holes to keep the wearer in a constant state of near-suffocation and others with zips on the nose and mouth so that the wearer can be granted a few breaths of air whenever they have earned it (or whenever their mouths are needed for some other purpose!)

What are Gimp Masks Made From?

Our gimp masks and hoods come in a range of different materials to suit every kink and fetish. The most common materials are leather, rubber, latex, PVC and spandex with each material having its own feel and breathability. 

Some doms prefer their subs in a tough leather gimp mask that is durable and long-lasting while others prefer the erotic constriction of tight rubber or latex. There are gimp masks with metal studs, zips and spikes and even ones with locks so that the dom literally holds the key to their sub's freedom. 

All our gimp masks and hoods are made from the finest materials to guarantee you a comfortable, long-lasting product.

How to Use a Gimp Mask Safely

Because many gimp masks and hoods cover the nostrils and mouth or only have small holes for breathing, it is crucial that you know how to use them safely or they can be potentially very dangerous. The first rule of any extreme BDSM or bondage play is that there is a safe word that parties know and which can be used at any time to stop what is going on. This is particularly important when there is any kind of sexual activity or roleplay where breathing is intentionally restricted. 

The dom should also be on the lookout at all times to make sure their dom is comfortable and responding as normal. Some subs get so into their role that they don’t want to upset their master or mistress by using their safe word so it’s crucial the dom monitors them the whole time. 

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When will my Gimp Mask / Bondage Hood arrive?

We deliver our masks and hoods across the UK with all orders shipped from our UK warehouse within 24 hours. After you make an order with us, we will send you an email with a tracking link so you can follow your gimp mask’s journey.

All of our items are delivered in 100% discreet packaging with no indication of what is inside so you can look forward to your arrival with total peace of mind.

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